Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control Maximum Hold - 2.3 oz.

Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control Maximum Hold - 2.3 oz.

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NO FLAKING, NO BUILD-UP- Get maximum hold without worry about embarrassing flakes and icky build-up! Unlike several edge controllers on the market, our unique formula will not flake or cause build-up, or turn white when applied to the hair. Also, Sleek Max provides a hold that will last hours--not seconds--to help your style last all day.

  • GREAT HOLD TO LAST ALL DAY- Stop your edges from going on strike when you walk out the door by creating smooth sleek styles that stay in place for hours using our strongest edge tamer. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Get the most from your Sleek Max edge tamer by keeping it sealed due to the special ingredients used to retain moisture and maintain hold. Made in the U.S.A.

  • USED ON STRAIGHT AND CURLY TEXTURES- Ideal for medium to coarse textures and all hair types. Whether you are naturally or chemically straight, or naturally curly, our edge control was formulated to give you hold wherever you need it most.

  • ADDS MOISTURE & SHINE- Unlike other edge controls, this clear gel makes it easy to transition from one style to the next without the need to wash your hair. Other edge controls can cause breakage from drying out the hair. Who wants that? Instead, choose a hold that adds moisture and luster for a polished look to every style.

  • VERSATILE USAGE- Perfect for smoothing and enhancing hair edges or tapered cuts, creating texture on short spiked styles or ponytails, or taming unruly hair when braiding and creating up-dos. Ideal for medium to coarse textures, but can also be used as an aid to prevent straight hair from slipping when creating textured looks.