About Us!

What is InstaBeauty?

InstaBeauty is an on demand delivery service of beauty, grooming, and skin care needs. We noticed that beauty supply stores tend to open late in the morning and close early in the evening, which can be a problem for people who work 9-5 jobs. We want a working customer to be able to order beauty products during their workday and have it delivered during their lunch break. We want to extend our reach towards consumers who have disabilities, limited time, and/or little to no access to transportation.


Our vision at InstaBeauty is to put an end to the stereotypical projections against the minority community. To do so we plan to remove the middleman and uplift as many minority owned businesses as possible. We want to create jobs and put black dollars where they belong-- black communities and black businesses. We want to inspire and ignite the fire that society tried to water down. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote self care and spread beauty around the world inside and out! [At the convenience of the tap of your fingers]