Businesses to Support

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Blessed Braids

Blessed Braids is a hair-braiding company that provides quality braided hairstyles primarily for women. They also provide braid training for women and men who want to know how to braid for their own personal use, stylists who want to add braiding to their service offerings, and those who want to build their own hair-braiding business.

"My brand is unique because it intersects fashion with hair health and convenience." - Nadia Edet


Miss Olaa Stylez is a hair styling company that specializes in custom wigs , weaves, and hair dying - but also does many other protective styles included marley twists & crotchet. They pride themselves on always putting the customer first and providing services in a timely, yet efficient fashion. They also offer a variety of classes to those interested in getting in the hair industry.

"Our goal is to show women that they are fearfully & wonderfully made how they are, but getting your hair slayed never hurt anyone." - Omoniola Olademeji (CEO)



Iced Out Cosmetics

Iced Out Cosmetics is a make-up company that was created to make the groups most ostracized and made to seem less attractive by society feel beautiful and like they have a place in the beauty industry. The uniqueness of this brand is that their target demographic does not start and end with only black women. Many brands make the mistake of leaving out the LGBTQIA+, they are often overlooked by brands and have no real representation in the beauty industry.

 "My brand will be a brand that celebrates dark skin beauty and the difference that adds to our beauty as more than an aesthetic." Isha Kamara (CEO)