Cantu Care Kids Curl Refresher - 8 fl oz

Cantu Care Kids Curl Refresher - 8 fl oz

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  • Refreshes curls and puts moisture back into hair

  • Reduces frizz and adds shine

  • Extends curly hair styles for 2 and 3-day hair

  • Elongates curls and combats shrinkage

Does your curly kid need their hair refreshed and brought back to life? Spritz their troubles away with Cantu for Kids Curl Refresher! This popular product line is ideal for kids with curl patterns of all types, and hair of all lengths. It gently refreshes curls while reducing frizz, adding shine, and putting moisture back into the hair with each use. The iconic Cantu formula that contains pure shea butter, essential oils, and no harsh ingredients allows you to extend your kid's curly style without leftover white flaky residue. Extend twist outs, braid outs, and Wash & Go's with ease and enjoy bouncy hair that's extra soft to the touch. Say goodbye to shrinkage, and hello to elongated curls! The Cantu for Kids Curl Refresher makes 2 and 3-day hair a breeze and increases volume with each use. To use, spray the Cantu for Kids Curl Refresher on dry or damp hair, section by section, to restore, refresh, and revive curls, coils, and waves. Reapply to dry hair as needed for additional moisture.