Wake Me Up Mood Boosting Glow
Wake Me Up Mood Boosting Glow

Wake Me Up Mood Boosting Glow

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Milan Lauren Co.
Size: 4 oz/ 120ml


Coconut Oil, Ground Coffee, Brown Sugar, Raw Honey, Vitamin C

 Whipped Exfoliating Cleanser for Blemishes & Dry Skin 

-Exfoliant created for anyone with dull, combination or dry skin that needs an extra boost in the morning ! Infused with vitamin C to promote an awake feeling to your body. 



-Anti Aging

How to Use:

Apply a quarter amount of product into the palm of your hands & lather together with water. Exfoliate in circular motions to remove dead skin!


Product Info & Disclaimers

"Wake Me Up" is made with 100% organic and natural ingredients. While it is amazing for most skin types, some of us have more sensitive skin than others. This product should not itch, burn, or sting when applying or after using. If you find that the product does not work for your skin type, please discontinue use.

Refrigeration NOT Required
  • Do NOT add water to the jar, it will create bacteria and ruin the product. (you will not be eligible for an exchange of refund)
  • Keep Product in room temperature 
  • Contains Coconut Oil